Network Prepaid System

Customer Values:

Improve Economic Benefits:

  1. Measure various electricity use conditions in the park correctly to help users know about the consumption details of the electricity use charges clearly;
  2. Find out the lines with unbalanced electricity and root causes by analyzing electricity balance; then, reconstruct and optimize these lines to reduce invalid electricity expenses;
  3. Control electricity use via smart software. This can not only ensure comfortableness, but also reduce the waste of electricity resources;
  4. Change postpaid mode to prepaid mode to effectively improve liquidity amount on logistics operation;
  5. Assist leaders in supervising management personnel to avoid black-box operation.

Highlight Service Values:

  1. Improve electricity use management informatization level effectively to help users grasp electricity supply service status at any time;
  2. Ensure the electricity use security to protect life and property safety of users;
  3. Realize self-recharging and open accounting to improve users’ satisfaction on relevant services;
  4. Realize network automation management to effectively reduce manual workload of the management personnel;
  5. Respond to government call to make significant contributions to the construction of the green earth.

System Architecture:

Architecture introduction: The RS485 bus or ZigBee wireless communication module is not deployed between the collector and the concentrator. Therefore, various units are connected and data exchange is performed among various units via the RS485 bus or ZigBee wireless communication module. In addition, the unlink data is transmitted to the server back-end via Ethernet/Optical fiber.


System Introduction:

Prepaid Services

  • Realize real-time recharging, reverse, and refund via water/electricity service center;
  • Realize automatic recharging via transfer machine by punching all-in-one card;
  • Trip due to arrears.


Accounting Information Services

  • Query via WEB;
  • Query via SMS;
  • LED display;
  • Query via floor query machine;
  • Calculate electricity use charges via automatic settlement;
  • Provide monthly bill on electricity use charges;
  • Provide daily statement on electricity use charges;
  • Provide summarization bill on electricity use charges
  • Notification due to insufficientprepaid electricity charges


Flexible Networking for Reduction of Construction Costs

  • Adopt international leading high-speed wireless networking mode to lower the construction difficulty and provide high-speed, secure, and reliable communication service;
  • Under the environment that the wireless signal is poor (for example, basement), or the electricity meters are installed in centralized mode, or the construction costs are lower, the 485 concentrators can be adopted to provide stable communication service.

Secure Electricity Use Services

  • Real-time monitoring on electricity use in apartment;
  • Power interval limit for secure electricity use;
  • Malignant load identification;
  • Automatic timing supply of electricity;
  • Active supplement of electricity charges;
  • Automatic delay of tripping;
  • One click to complete network tripping and closing.


System Running Assurance

  • Customer has independent key to ensure system security;
  • Realize self-monitoring of electricity meter and communication status to ensure stable running;
  • Realize operation resource tree on user accounts to ensure the security of user data;
  • Deploy by different networks and modules to reduce network attach risk.


Green Energy Saving Services

  • Electricity balancing analysis;
  • Smart electricity use management.


Accessible Hardware Devices:

DDZY1225 smart electricity meter with single-phase charge control;

DTZY1225-Z smart electricity meter with three-phase charge control;

ZigBee gateway;

RS485-Ethernet collector;

Wireless light controller;

Temperature controller;

Wireless water meter

Three-phase electric monitoring instrument;

Wireless streetlight controller;

Wireless metering socket.

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