IC Card Prepaid System

Customer Values:

Improve Economic Benefits:

  1. Measure various electricity use conditions correctly to help users know about the consumption details of the electricity use charges clearly;
  2. Control electricity use via smart software. This can not only ensure conformable electricity use, but also can reduce the hidden troubles on security;
  3. Change postpaid mode to prepaid mode to effectively improve withdrawal rate of funds;
  4. Assist electricity selling personnel in supervising users to avoid electricity stealing and leakage.

Highlight Service Values:

  1. Improve electricity selling management informatization level effectively to help users grasp electricity supply service status at any time;
  2. Ensure the electricity use security to protect life and property safety of users;
  3. Realize integral management (including card selling, card recharging, card re-issuing, and refunding process) to improve service level;
  4. Respond to government call to make significant contributions to resource saving management and smart city construction.


System Structure Diagram:



Function Introduction:

Prepaid Services

  • First recharge, and then use electricity.
  • Automatic tripping occurs due to insufficient balance. The electricity is supplied again after the IC card is recharged and inserted into the system.


Accounting Information Services

  • Provide user information management and electricity use bill query functions;
  • Provide summarization bill on electricity use charges;
  • Provide daily and monthly electricity selling reports.


Expansion Support

  • Support third-party POS terminal, ATM terminal and transfer machine to

realize friendly electricity selling management;

  • Provide LED display and SMS notification devices to

realize friendly electricity use management for users;

  • Provide central encryption device to realize one-million users’ IC card issuingmanagement.

Complete Functions:

  • Have electricity selling, query, statistics, and analysis capabilities,

and print or save the generated data in report;

  • For different types of running environment, multiple systems can be selected;
  • Provide convenient and rapid data back and restoration functions to avoid data losses.


Security and Reliability

  • Realize one user with one IC card(That is, the system can realize one-to-one binding relation between the user card and the electricity meter to avoid the abuse of the cards;
  • Support charging by different time segments and tired pricing;
  • Insert boot card in the case of system startup to ensure powerful security.


System Running Assurance

  • Customer has independent key to ensure system security;
  • Realize operation resource tree on user accounts to ensure the security of user data;
  • Deploy by different networks and modules to reduce network attach risk.

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