Enterprise Energy Management System

Overview: The Enterprise Energy Management System provided by Shenzhen North Meter is a set of device that adopts advanced metering apparatus and communication solution to help organizations (such as enterprises, factories, office buildings, and government agencies) realize comprehensive management of electricity/water/gas/heat use (including audit, power consumption analysis and comparison, and energy saving estimation of electricity/water/gas/heat use). Via multiple types of means (such as energy planning, energy monitoring, energy statistics, energy consumption analysis, and management of key power consumption/energy metering devices), the reasonable planning and utilization of energy can be realized and the energy consumption of enterprises can be reduced to improve economic benefits and energy utilization.


System architecture: back-end server+ fore-end operating system+ concentrator+ collector+ metering terminal+ energy consumption device



System Functions:

Energy consumption management: It includes energy consumption status monitoring, energy consumption query and statistics, and energy consumption analysis, and energy-saving estimation.

Charge management: It includes energy consumption charge query and statistics, energy consumption charge analysis, and energy consumption benefit analysis.

Work order handling: It includes automatic alarm work order, manual task work order, workflow management work order, and history work order.

Technical data maintenance: It includes enterprise organization information maintenance, building information maintenance, energy use device information maintenance, distribution circuit information maintenance, and metering communication information maintenance.

System management: It includes user management, role management, and authorization management.


Customer Values:

The energy-saving can be realized based on the Enterprise Energy Management System. It can provide the following values for the customers:

  1. Collect/analysis mass scattered energy consumption data, and present the data to different departments (such as general manager and financial department). This can help the whole staff of the enterprise know about the energy consumption information and costs clearly.
  2. Be able to monitor energy consumption status of the whole enterprise to find out energy consumption exceptions, avoid occurrence of accidents, and reduce electricity leakage losses.
  3. Help the enterprise find out the areas with lower energy efficiency, lock energy-saving target, and assist the enterprise in deploying energy-saving and emission reduction work step by step.
  4. Estimate experiment effects of energy-saving measures and relevant correlation impacts. This can help the enterprise perform the quantitative estimation on the benefits of each energy-saving investment and create values for each investment.



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