Smart Water Meter

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The Smart Water Meter adopts multiple patent technologies, including Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Numerical Control (NC) Machining Technology, to ensure stable and reliable product quality.

Major Functions:

  • Realize meter reading via hand-held POS terminal;
  • Get access to Joint Meter Reading System to realize real-time and remote meter reading management. This can help users query water use conditions at any time.

Technical Contents and Features:

  • Correct sampling: Adopt the sensor with high sensitivity to ensure high reliability of the smart water meter; and adopt software digital filter technology to ensure accurate and reliable metering data of the smart water meter.
  • For micro-power wireless communication mode (Ultra-low power consumption: Adopt the circuit design with ultra-low power consumption to ensure that the normal service life of the battery is more than 6 years), the M-bus mode can be selected.
  • High reliability: Adopt high-performance micro-processor and control software that uses multi-data encryption mode to ensure data security and reliability; haveintegral and fully sealed design for anti-moisture, anti-damp, anti-interference, and anti-attack.
  • Convenient installation: The appearancesize is the same as that of the common water meter. Therefore, the smart water meter can be directly replaced in the case of reconstructing smart water meter.
  • Water selling software with complete functions: Water selling can be realized via three modes (including Internet, LAN, and single water meter). The water selling software is easy-to-operate, easy-to-update, and easy-to-manage. Via this software, the comprehensive management businesses, such as water meter installation, water selling, and water use report generation, can be completed simply.


Technical Indicators:

Rated frequency: 50Hz Relative humidity: ≤95%
Normal working voltage: 0.9~1.1 rated voltage Normal working temperature: -25°C ~+60°C
Weight: 200g Working temperature limit: -40°C~+70°C
Appearance Dimensions:107mm*86mm*49mm Power consumption: ≤1.5W and 6VA (Communication status)



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